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5 easy tips for the perfect lawn


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It’s time to get your yard ready for some of the most beautiful months eastern Idaho has to offer.

A soft, green lawn is a wonderful thing and by following these five easy tips, you’ll be the envy of all the neighbors.

1. Prevent weeds before they come up

You can stop weeds from making their home in your lawn by using a pre-emergent herbicide. This product controls crabgrass and other hard-to-eliminate weeds by stopping their seeds from sprouting in your lawn, according to Experts say you should apply this early in the spring.

2. Keep your lawnmower blade sharp

You know the difference between using a brand new razor on your legs or face versus one you’ve had for months, right? The same principle applies to your lawnmower blade. A dull blade will smash the edge of the grass blade, leaving it torn rather than a clean cut. If your blade is nice and sharp, damage and stress on your grass will be greatly reduced. Lawn experts suggest you sharpen your blade twice each season, depending on the size of your lawn.

3. Feed your lawn

Most grass in eastern Idaho is considered a cool-season grass. The University of Idaho suggests using the following holidays as a guide for fertilizer application: Easter, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Fertilizing during hot weather increases the risk of burning your lawn.

4. Water deeply and less often

Water deeply and less often to promote deep roots. Apply between 1”-1 1/2” of water weekly, depending on weather conditions, soil type, and landscape terrain (slopes, etc.). Watering should be done before 2 p.m. in sunny areas of the yard, and before noon in shaded areas. Early morning is an ideal time to water.

5. Alternate mowing patterns

When you mow your grass in the same direction or pattern every time, you are compacting the soil too much, which reduces aeration and can impact growth. Alternating your path lets the soil breathe. Mowing the same can also cause ruts in your field or lawn. Switching it up makes the lawn look nice.

For more tips on keeping your lawn nice and healthy this year, visit local nurseries.