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Begone, weeds in my lawn! Why fall’s the best time to kill them dead.


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Fall is the time to start on a weed-free lawn for next spring. Many experts consider fall weed control to be more effective than waiting to tackle weeds in the spring for a few reasons:

  1. Weeds grown in seasonal patterns. After the heat and dryness of summer, fall lends to cooler temperatures that encourage lawn and weed growth. It is also the time they begin to store energy for the winter and are sending nutrients to their roots. When treating weeds in the fall the herbicides are also carried down to the roots and poisoning the plants.
  2. Removing the weeds now makes it harder for the weeds to grow and decreases the chance of the roots to sink deeper in the ground. It is easier to eliminate the weeds when the growing cycle is slower.

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  1. Applying an herbicide in the fall will get rid of most perennial broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, plantain, clover and black medic. You may not see the results of your work right away, but most of the weeds will disappear after the winter.
  2. Another good weed-control tactic is applying fertilizer, especially for cool-season grasses. Fertilizer will improve the amount of turf and also strengthen the root system of the grass. This will make your lawn better able to fight off next summer’s weeds and it will also help your lawn be more tolerant to summer’s heat and dry periods.

Let us help you get a jump start on your weed free lawn for next spring now.