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Idaho Falls comes in at the top of these national lists

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Idaho Falls from the air. | file photos
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Many people living in Idaho Falls say it’s a pretty nice place to live.

But it’s not just residents who think so.

In the last few years, Idaho Falls has been recognized across the nation. The city appears in multiple top lists that are published across the country.

Here’s a look at how Idaho Falls stacks up.

The best small places for business and careers

In 2018, Idaho Falls was ranked among 201 smaller cities around the county as one of the best places to have a business or a career.

The list, published by Forbes, is based on job growth, the cost of living and doing business, educational attainment, and income growth of the past five years.

Overall, Idaho Falls took the 69th spot on the list, but where the community really shines is job growth. Idaho Falls ranked 19th in the job growth metric, largely due to job growth in health care, travel and at larger corporations.

For a complete look at the Forbes list, click here.

To learn how the list was compiled click here.

Top 25 safest cities for families in the U.S.

When you’re choosing a place to raise a family, safety is a top priority. Parents and would-be parents want to know they can raise their children in a community where they can easily learn, play and grow up in a safe environment.

Low crime rates help make this possible and Idaho Falls has some of the lowest rates in the country, according to Security Choice. Idaho Falls ranked as 24th safest city based on a low percentage of violent and property crime, the number of people living above the poverty line, a highly educated population and a good employment rate.

No other Idaho cities made the list, although in Utah, Provo and Logan scored well.

Click here or a more detailed look at the safest cities in the United States.

10 cheapest places to live in Idaho for 2019

If you’re thinking of moving to Idaho, but aren’t sure where to put down roots, the cost of living in Idaho Falls and nearby Ammon may sway you.

HomeSnacks, a national ranking website aimed at helping people find a place to live that “fits them,” considered the cost of food, energy and housing costs of cities across the Gem State. HomeSnacks determined Idaho Falls is the seventh cheapest place to live in Idaho and Ammon is eighth. Pocatello also made the list at 10th place.

To see the entire list, visit HomeSnacks.

East Idaho ranks among top 10 fast-food growth markets

If you are a fan of fast food, consider adding eastern Idaho to your plate.

In December 2018, QSR Magazine rated the Idaho Falls to Pocatello region as ninth on a list of 40 areas poised for rapid growth in the fast-food industry.

QSR Magazine is a trade magazine that publishes news about quick service restaurants.

The report states that eastern Idaho “will experience a 16 percent increase in quick-service restaurant traffic through 2023, along with 7 percent projected population growth,” according to the Idaho State Journal.

The list shows the region has 375 fast-food restaurants, which is about 95 establishments for every 100,000 people.

Nick Powills, of Chicago, who publishes QSR, told the Idaho State Journal the ranking makes it easier for franchisees to consider eastern Idaho as a place to grow their business.

“From a franchisee’s inquiring standpoint, it’s a life decision,” Powills told the newspaper. “Getting as much data that supports your decision is the right one helps create a calming effect and says, ‘I’m ready to move forward.’”

For a look at the list click here.

See the Idaho State Journal’s analysis of eastern Idaho’s growth potential in fast food.