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Six things to know before buying CBD


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As CBD becomes more popular and the benefits of taking it become better known, more people are looking for CBD products to help them in their ailments, such as reducing aches and pain, reducing anxiety and helping with insomnia. When shopping for CBD products, you should be aware of six things before buying.

1. Certificate of Analysis

This is a document that shows where, when and how a particular product was scientifically tested to ensure safety and quality control. Any legitimate CBD brand will be more than happy to show its COA. This third-party, independent lab analysis ensures the manufacturers are accountable for what is in their product. Without the COA, the consumer has no idea what exactly is in the product.

2. Where was the hemp grown?

Because hemp absorbs everything in the soil it is planted in, the good and the bad, it is important to know where it was grown. Some imported hemp can have many harmful elements. The COA can indicate the presence or lack of those harmful elements. One should only buy CBD products extracted from hemp grown in the USA.

3. Amount of CBD in the product

The first place to find that amount is the COA, as mentioned above. This document will show the total amount of CBD in the product. Then, simple math will give the rest of the information. A tincture with 1000 milligrams of CBD in a bottle that has 30 doses will render 33 milligrams per dose; 500 milligrams will have 16 milligrams per dose, and so on.

4. Should you take an isolate, broad-spectrum or full-spectrum product?

There are benefits to full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD. Some experts state that the other phytocannabinoids (sometimes including THC) may provide a more powerful synergistic effect. This means that the compounds work better together and may deliver better results to the patient than if the CBD were extracted or just an isolate.

5. Does the product have any THC in it?

In the state of Idaho, there can be no THC in any product. Even the smallest amount renders the product illegal as the state of Idaho considers any product with THC as an ingredient, regardless of the percentage, as marijuana and thus illegal. Once again, checking the COA for any product will determine if it contains any THC.

6. What is the best method of delivery for CBD?

The fastest and most effective is a tincture or spray. These are absorbed directly into the body through the capillaries in the mouth. Any edible must work through the metabolism of the body and takes longer. For localized pain, you can also use an ointment or roll on as a topical application directly on the area of pain.

By being aware of these six areas of consideration, you will have a much more satisfactory experience buying a CBD product.