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Switching to solar is easier than you may think

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Ever considered solar?

We would all benefit from saving money on our energy bills. Believing in a brighter future and saving money through clean energy is a simple solution. The cost savings and helping preserve our planet are both great reasons to go solar.

Plus, our regional climate is one of the top-rated locations for solar panel performance. We have the perfect location with a high sunscore to capture renewable energy and the potential to turn the investment into a cost-saving opportunity.

But solar panels are often viewed as a huge investment, and people don’t know where to get started.

Residential solar panel installation

Residential solar panels can be a highly beneficial part of any modern home, but only if they are installed properly. Besides helping adopt a clean method of lighting and heating for the home, solar modules can also save a lot of money in energy bills as well as bring some tax incentives. There are currently tax incentives and credits applied to those who install solar panels in Idaho and Oregon.

Saving money with tax incentives is enticing, and solar panels also increase property value. With the housing market going up drastically lately, installing solar panels is another way to increase home value further.

The main purpose of solar modules is to charge the solar battery at home, which in turn provides cooling and lighting as well as powering household entertainment devices such as TVs and laptops. They also ensure that bathing water in the hot water system is hot enough for use.

Badly installed modules, however, can be a real ordeal. By “ordeal,” we mean half-charged batteries, barely warm or cold water in the taps and showers, no entertainment, and every other electricity-related dysfunction that could put your home in turmoil.

Few things are more unpleasant than realizing in the evening that the solar battery hasn’t been charged at all even after a hot sunny day. These incidents can happen easily if the solar panels are installed improperly. For that reason, you only want to work with a competent solar module installation company that offers competitive prices and malfunction-free results.

Commercial solar panel installation

Opting to install solar modules at a place of business is a wise thing to do. Solar modules remove the reliance on the costly electricity supply from power companies. Another reason to go solar on a commercial establishment is to cut the operating or production cost of the business. However, commercial panels are only as good as they are installed. If they are not installed properly by qualified professionals, you may not get the most out of them. They may not deliver to their maximum and even be prone to break-downs and malfunctions.

Faulty modules can cause fires and result in loss of property and are not worth the risk to the safety of the business. Again, you want the solar module system to work flawlessly and live up to the expectations. Hiring a team of professionals with years of experience in this industry is the way to go to get a durable system that will serve the business longer.

Agricultural solar panel installation

The greenhouse is one of the most important parts of a farm. A steady power supply must be maintained to keep the crops growing in the right conditions. Idaho agriculture plays a vital role in the manufacturing sector. According to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, our 25,000 farms and ranches comprise over 185 different commodities, ranking Idaho in the top 10 in the U.S. for crops and livestock. Harvested farm produce needs to be dried on time before it heads to the market or storage. Functional solar modules are an integral part of modern farming as they help reduce the costs of completing such tasks such as pumping water and an array of other daily activities.

The process of installing solar modules on greenhouses and other parts of farming establishments requires special equipment and expertise. Besides getting you the necessary technology and equipment, a staff of experienced engineers will guarantee a satisfactory job that will meet all the needs you may have. Such agricultural solar investments will indeed pay off in the end.

Solar success

Finding a good company that knows how to best use the sun’s rays to maximize savings potential is key when making the move to solar power. What are you waiting for? Join us in the solar revolution and be glad you did!

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