Schiess: Great Blue Heron – Ultimate fishermen

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Fidell tells Nick, he is characterizing tomorrow's meeting between his client and investigators as an "interview" and he assumes "it will be people sitting around a conference table."   When asked about any anticipated length on tomorrow's meeting between Bowe and General Kenneth Dahl, "I'm not in control of this process.  General Dahl is the one calling the shots." "I'm not going to be running the show."

Fidell describes this as one of the bigger cases of his career. 

"We've done our preparation.  We've reviewed documents including some classified materials today from which we learned a lot.  I think tomorrow will be an interesting and productive day." 

-From CNN's Nick Valencia

Bowe Bergdahl’s defense wins battle over classified documents

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One man dead after two vehicle crash near Fort Hall

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East Idaho couple starts charity to help refugees around the world

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From a teenager posing as a physician to a chiropractor practicing "pastoral medicine," some people sound like doctors, but they're not. What initials should you look for after your doctor's name? (DepositPhotos)

Is your ‘doctor’ really an M.D.?

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Girls pay tribute to late best friend by wearing her prom dress

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Green Beret who beat Afghan official over alleged child assault to stay in Army

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Bonneville County rollover investigated by deputies

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