Kaitlyn Hart, Author at East Idaho News

Kaitlyn Hart

Kaitlyn Hart has had a passion and drive for journalism ever since she was young. She grew up hooked on late-night television, addicted to reading the latest breaking news stories, and always wanting to be the first-in-the-know.

Kaitlyn was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho and attended Idaho State University to obtain a bachelor's degree in Multi-Platform Journalism.

During this time, Kaitlyn acted as the life editor at The Bengal Newspaper, an opportunity that she looks upon fondly, and credits for her push towards a career in reporting.

After graduating with her bachelor’s, Kaitlyn decided to expand her news media knowledge and try to get into the field she’s always dreamed of.

In spring 2022, Kaitlyn began her journalism career as a multimedia journalist at East Idaho News, a milestone in her career path.

When she isn’t working, Kaitlyn enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to her favorite places like Kalispell, Montana, and Hillsboro, Oregon, and listening to Taylor Swift for hours on loop.

She is immensely excited and happy to be a part of the East Idaho News team, and looks forward to continuing to bring important stories to her community!
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