GOP Presidential Canididate Mitt Romney Speaks Before Thousands in Idaho Falls


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(IDAHO FALLS, ID)   Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke at not one, but two rallies at Skyline High School in Idaho Falls Thursday afternoon.    Having worked and succeeded in the market place Romney claimed the knowledge and experience to revive a floundering economy if elected as President.   It was a rock concert atmosphere as young an old gathered in both gymnasiums to welcome the rare appearance of a Presidential candidate to Southeastern Idaho.

Medium income has dropped 10% across the country, the burden on tax payers has increased, unemployment has never dipped below 8%, and annual deficits have run over a trillion dollars a year since Obama took office Romney claimed.    The former Governor touted each of the Republican candidates as good qualified men, but only he has the experience to revive the economy and restore America to its greatness.

As the nation is approaching record high gas prices, Romney complained that the current administration has made it more difficult to pump our own oil or even pipe it in from neighboring Canada.  He promised, rather, to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline and bring jobs and lower gas prices to Americans.

Repealing Obamacare was one of the first steps Romney vowed to undertake in easing the ever growing burden big government is imposing upon the citizens.  He claimed that the Obama administration was transforming our nation to a European welfare state, but he would instead restore America to the greatness established by our Founders.    To the chanting of Mitt, Mitt, Mitt the former governor guaranteed more jobs, less debt, and smaller government.

“Truth, integrity, and the experience to keep America strong” is what Romney promised as the next President of the United States.

Idaho’s first ever Republican caucus will be held this coming Tuesday, March 6th, in each county, giving Idahoans the opportunity to decide which of the Republican candidates will receive our 32 delegates.


Hear the ENTIRE Rally, HERE:  [audio:|titles=Mitt Romney Rally Mar 1]


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