More Bosses Are Taking Vacations than Employees


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Steve Mason/Digital Vision/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) — The recession may have forced many Americans to forget about taking an annual vacation, but a new survey finds more bosses than workers are still finding time to get away.

A survey commissioned by finds 81 percent of managers have or plan to take vacation this year, compared to 65 percent of full-time employees.

Additional findings from the survey:

— 17 percent of workers took or planned to take a vacation for 10 days or more.  That’s down from 24 percent in 2007.

— 30 percent of workers contact work during their vacation.

— 37 percent of managers say they expect their employees to contact work while on vacation, although a majority say that’s only if a worker is involved in a big project or there’s a major issue going on within the company.

— 15 percent of workers say they gave up vacation days last year because they didn’t have time to use them.

— “Stay-cations” are still popular.  Thirty-eight percent of workers stayed home or are planning to stay home this year.

— 23 percent of workers say they once had to work while their family went away on vacation without them.

— 19 percent of workers say they can’t afford to go on vacation this year, down from 24 percent in 2011.

— 12 percent of respondents say they can afford vacations, but have no plans to take one.  That percentage is consistent with previous years.

The survey of 2,303 hiring managers and 5,772 workers was conducted online by Harris Interactive.

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