More Snowstorms to Hit Region as Snowy Sidewalks Hamper Mail Delivery


(POCATELLO) – Eastern Idaho residents might want to keep a snow shovel handy this week.

The Snake River Plain can expect up to two inches of snow today with the risk of drifting increasing as winds pick up later on this evening. Weather officials are urging drivers to use caution, especially in higher elevations near the Wyoming border where the snow could fall up to six inches.

The latest storm is expected to last through Tuesday before tapering off in the late afternoon or early evening.

Snowy sidewalks are also becoming a problem for postal carriers across the country. In Pocatello, it can be downright dangerous.

Mail carrier John Skeldon tells Local News 8 he’s fallen a few times, and that clearing sidewalks and pathways of snow and ice can make a positive difference.

Officials say it’s also important to keep areas around curbside mailboxes clear within 30 feet in either direction to ensure that they are accessible to mail vehicles.

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