Vigil Held for Missing Toddler: "He’s mommy’s boy and daddy’s little mini-me" - East Idaho News
DeOrr Kunz Jr.

Vigil Held for Missing Toddler: “He’s mommy’s boy and daddy’s little mini-me”

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IDAHO FALLS – Nearly 200 people gathered Monday night to light candles and pray for an Idaho Falls toddler who’s been missing nearly four days.

Deorr Kunz Jr. disappeared while camping with his family in Leadore Friday. After extensive search and rescue operations, there’s been no sign of the two-year-old.

Family and friends organized a prayer vigil at Freeman Park. During the service, Deorr’s parents said they have faith he’s still alive.

“We will find him one way or another,” said a tearful Deorr Kunz Sr., Deorr’s father. “We will find him no matter what it takes.”

A pastor prayed with the family and asked God to comfort the family.

Deonn’s mother, Jessica Mitchell, asked those in attendance to share pictures of Deorr on social media and on posters.

“He could be very, very close,” Mitchell said. “He could be very far away. We don’t know but we are covering all bases at this point.”

Deorr’s parents said while they were camping they left for a few minutes to explore. They assumed Deorr was with his grandfather, but his grandpa thought his parents were taking care of the child.

“There’s not much to be said other than one small mistake as a parent – leaving him with an adult that turns his head for a minute,” Kunz said. “Please cherish and love each other because it could be changed in just a split second.”

“He’s mommy’s boy and daddy’s little mini-me,” Kunz Sr. said. “I will find him if it’s the last thing I do.”