VanderSloot: “I’m establishing a fund to defend conservatives defamed by liberal press”

Idaho Falls

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IDAHO FALLS – Frank VanderSloot issued the following statement Tuesday evening:

I am proud of the part I have played in exposing Mother Jones for what it is. Our case against Mother Jones was about setting the record straight and holding Mother Jones accountable for its biased bullying of people with conservative values they disagree with. And that is exactly what our lawsuit accomplished.

Today I am going one step further, to make sure that Mother Jones cannot pick on other people who do not have the means to defend themselves. To push back on Mother Jones’ attempts to stifle free speech from those who disagree with its left-wing agenda. Today, I am announcing the establishment of the “Guardian of True Liberty Fund” in honor of Judge Williamson’s bold statements revealing Mother Jones’ biased and unfair journalism to help pay for the legal expenses of people who have been defamed by Mother Jones magazine or other liberal press because of their conservative values. Freedom is not free!

I am pledging the first million dollars to this fund. I will be urging others who share my (and the Court’s) view about the press’s pattern and practice of character assassination to contribute to the fund as well. If Mother Jones or the liberal press has published false and defamatory things about you because you speak out in support of conservative values, please contact my office at 208-528-2011 for further details.