Photo of Idaho Falls Christian woman presenting gifts to Muslim doctor goes viral


4  Updated at 1:30 pm, December 10th, 2015 By: Nate Eaton,
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IDAHO FALLS – A photo of a local Muslim doctor and his 91-year-old Christian patient has gone viral after the doctor posted it on Facebook this week.

On Monday, Dec. 7, Pocatello doctor Fahim Rahim wrote:

“So My 91 yrs old patient heard how ‪#‎Trump‬ has been attacking “me The American Muslim” so here she brings me these little stuffed animals that she Crochet her self to cheer me up! And she ‪#‎MadeMyDay‬
Power of Love is Bigger than the love for Power” Mr Trump. U will not win by diving the American people.
Her and I are one Team and we belong to The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave!! God Bless America!!!”

Rahim tells the woman, who he refers to as “Grandma Louise,” heard him on a local radio show responding to Trump’s comments about Muslims.

Hours later, she showed up at his medical office with the stuffed animals she had crocheted herself.

“This is a 91-year-old white, Mormon woman who came to comfort a dark, Muslim man,” Rahim said. “I’m her doctor but she’s the one who came in and healed me.”

So My 91 yrs old patient heard how #Trump has been attacking "me The American Muslim" so here she brings me these little…

Posted by Fahim Rahim on Monday, December 7, 2015

Rahim says he was touched by Louise’s compassion and snapped a photo with her. He later posted it on his personal Facebook page and, when he woke up the next morning, it had been shared thousands of times.

“I had no idea it would spread so fast,” Rahim said. “Grandma Louise is now the most beloved grandma in the USA.”

The story of Louise and Rahim has been featured on The Huffington Post and Rahim says television news networks have contacted him.

“My intention is to show the world that this is the real American spirit,” Rahim said. “We connected on humanity and that is what matters.”

Rahim and Louise said they’re personally inviting Trump to meet with them in Idaho Falls for a cordial conversation. And they hope to present him with a special gift — one of Louise’s crocheted stuffed animals.

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  • TBarn

    Thank you! This made my day.

  • IllinoisMostert

    Very touching story. Heinrich Joseph Smith had revelations from God directly…no hat involved. Although he did use the biblical Urim and Thummin as well as a stone in a hat to translate the Book of Mormon.

  • marmiejean

    Seriously?! Heinrich, you need to get a hobby other than tearing down other people’s religion!

  • vpuik

    That’s correct, but there are lot more christians than just Christians.