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Have You Seen This? Go-Pro takes viewers on Hot Wheels ride


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HOT WHEELS HEAVEN— If you’ve ever wanted to experience riding along on a Hot Wheels car through a backyard, over a big hill and underwater — or if you ever had a Hot Wheels car as a kid — watch this video immediately.

This video fed my nostalgic, childish side that always wished I could go “Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves” crazy on a Hot Wheels car through my bedroom and down the laundry shoot.

Using a grand total of 200 feet of track, 5MadMovieMakers strapped a GoPro Hero4 Session on a 2014 Pharadox car and made the magic happen.

This was no easy task, though. The video was filmed in both California and Colorado, with certain parts having to be shot twice, and required holding the track down underwater with rocks to weigh it down. The car fell off the track a few times, too. No surprise there.

The only thing powering this car was gravity. There was no motor, remote or witchcraft.

5MadMovieMakers will take you on all kinds of adventures on his YouTube channel.