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Good Question: Horse-sized duck or duck-sized horses?

Good Question

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This week’s Good Question comes from the confirmation hearings for Neil M. Gorsuch, who President Donald Trump wants to make the next Supreme Court justice. During the hearing, Sen. Jeff Flake asked Gorsuch a question submitted by the senator’s teenage son: “Ask him if he would rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck.”

Gorsuch was stumped. In fact, watch him answer the question:

There’s more than one answer to this terrifying question, so I asked the rest of the staff what they thought. Here’s what we came up with.

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Nate Eaton, news director

One hundred duck-sized horses because I prefer to solve little problems all the time and move forward quickly rather than one massive problem that drags on and on and on.

Nate Sunderland, managing editor

A horse-sized duck, but only if I get to roast it afterwards.

Stephan Rockefeller, reporter

I would rather fight 100 duck-sized horses. My idea is I could go kick crazy and horses are herd animals, so really I only need to get a few to run away, and the rest will follow (in my warped reasoning). And let’s say at the end of the day I get those suckers broke in — I’d have a pretty sweet carriage pulled by to the surviving ones.

Natalia Hepworth, reporter

I think 100 duck-sized horses would be adorable, but a bit more complicated to fight than a horse sized duck. It would be easier to worry about killing one thing instead of 100. That’s my logic. Then again, I may be able to get away from the 100 mini horses faster than the giant duck.

Ronda Hobbs, account executive

I’ve seen Robert Patten fend off a waddle of penguins with the swoop of his foot. Therefore, I feel my odds are better fighting 100 duck-sized horses. On the other hand, as a horse-owner, I contend with horse-size animals quite often. But the brain of a duck and the brain of a horse are two completely different things. I’m sticking with 100 duck-sized horses. Final answer.

Cory McHugh, web developer

One hundred duck-sized horses, easily. I would be kicking those things left and right, like a ninja. Ducks are already mean — a big one would be horrible.

Adam Forsgren, columnist

Depends on how organized the 100 little horses are. Mini-horses are probably a lot like snowflakes: They’re no big deal individually, but if they team up on you, you’re gonna get messed up. Besides, if I fight a giant duck and win, I can have duck a l’Orange and Peking duck for like weeks.

Robert Patten, me

I think this question is a funny way of phrasing, “Would you rather have one big problem or 100 small ones?” And having personal experience with difficulties some would view as catastrophic, I would go with the gigantic duck. Sometimes it’s easier to focus on a single problem than a hundred small ones. When you have a huge problem, it becomes your primary focus and it’s harder to get distracted than you would with countless small challenges. Besides, horses of any size scare me.

Now the Good Question is what would YOU choose?

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