Black Bear Diner in Chubbuck closes due to lack of business

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CHUBBUCK — Dozens of employees found out they are without a job after the Black Bear Diner in Chubbuck suddenly closed its doors permanently Thursday.

Joby Management, the owners of the restaurant, announced the closure and 57 employees were laid off effective immediately.

“They called us in for a meeting at 8:30 this morning and told us they were closing the restaurant,” former employee Nathan Barney said. “They gave us unemployment papers and said Merry Christmas.”

The employees who were laid off were told there wasn’t enough business at the Chubbuck store to remain open.

“Unfortunately there was just not enough business,” Joby Management Regional Director Andy Gage said. “They wanted to be sure they could pay the staff their final wages and if they had waited any longer they wouldn’t have been able to do that.”

The Chubbuck closure has no impact on the Black Bear Diner in Idaho Falls, which will remain open.

“They are owned by a different franchise group,” Gage said.

The Chubbuck restaurant, based out of Redding, California, opened in April of 2016 and was the 76th restaurant for the award-winning family dining concept. The restaurant features a unique bear-inspired and log-cabin theme with “bear sized” portions.