UPDATE: Rexburg candidate says vehicle vandalized with dessert


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Courtesy Cody Ricks


Rep. Ron Nate, who is running against Doug Ricks for the Legislative District 34 race, issued the following statement about the cheesecake incident.

“It’s unfortunate someone threw a dessert at someone’s vehicle. It is not respectful and it is hurtful. It shouldn’t happen in Rexburg or anywhere. It’s unfortunate my opponent’s campaign immediately made the leap to tie it to the election when there is absolutely no evidence. I understand in the “heat of the battle” how everything seems related to the campaign, but sometimes pranks just happen.

I reject any and all claims against the good volunteers on the Nate campaign. We have fantastic, solid volunteers who work hard to remain positive and to focus on the important issues to Idaho. I am proud of every one of them.”

You can read the full statement here.


REXBURG — A local legislative candidate is claiming his vehicle was vandalized with a sweet treat last week.

Doug Ricks, a candidate for Legislative District 34, and his daughter discovered the alleged vandalism on April 30 and subsequently contacted police.

Police reports show Ricks’ daughter said someone had thrown something at her father’s vehicle. She believed it was some kind of dessert, possibly cheesecake, that had been smeared across the driver’s side door. No damage to the vehicle was reported.

The daughter told investigators she filed the report because her father was working and had asked her to. Ricks hasn’t spoken directly about the incident, but campaign manager Cody Ricks confirmed the campaign considers this an act of vandalism.

When asked if she or her father suspected anyone, Ricks’ daughter told investigators she assumed the alleged vandalism had something do with her father running for the Idaho Legislature, but she didn’t have any specific suspects.

Investigators told her that if her father has any more issues, he should contact the police.

Ricks said he wants this race to be a civil one.

“Even though we may have differing political ideas I believe it is important to maintain a respectful dialogue,” Ricks told EastIdahoNews.com. “I encourage civility and respect of all those involved in mine and others’ campaigns. I promise District 34A this will not detract from our campaign’s commitment to the issues important to Idaho.”