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Police investigating report of peeping Tom in Pocatello neighborhood

Crime Watch

POCATELLO – Pocatello Police is looking for a peeping tom in the South Von Elm area of Pocatello.

A quiet apartment complex on South Von Elm had an unusual encounter last Thursday. Kelly Cates had just gotten in bed and started hearing noises out the back window.

“I could hear someone outside in my back window and I was like someone must be out walking their dog,” Cates told KPVI. “As the night progressed a little bit more, it got a little more vulgar. A little more nasty I guess.”

The light was on in the room making it difficult to see out the window, but when she rolled over she heard a voice say “Oh yea look at me.”

“I yelled for my husband. He went in there. He came in the bedroom and I’m like ‘Someone’s at the window! Someone’s at the window!’ And he opened the window and the guy’s face was plastered right to my bedroom window,” Cates says.

They called 911 as the guy ran, the tracks leading further up into the apartment complexes towards Bench Road.

The police stated that a peeping tom is unusual for Pocatello. A few apartments in the area posted notices about notifying the police if anyone else is targeted in a similar manner.

But for Kelly, she has gained a sense of vigilance from the incident.

“I do feel safe. I do kind of still get freaked out at night, but it’s getting better. If (you) see anyone or hear anything, please call 911. This guy is clearly not all there.”

The man’s description is 5′ 11″, white with tan skin, clean shaven, and a dark hoodie. Both of the people who saw him say he appeared to be on drugs.

The Pocatello Police Department is increasing patrols in the area. If you see any suspicious activity, report it by calling (208) 234-6100.

This article was first published by KPVI. It is used here with permission.

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