Kidnapping and stop-and-go pursuit through Hibbard detailed in court documents

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Tyrell Fisher | Madison County Jail

REXBURG — A kidnapped woman, an unusual police chase and a brief standoff led deputies to arrest a local man last week.

On the morning of March 18, deputies received a call from 27-year-old Tyrell Fisher’s father saying he tried to get into their house while threatening a female family member, according to court documents obtained by A bizarre chain of events followed.

As deputies were about one mile from the home near North 4000 West, Fisher’s father said he dragged the woman out of the home against her will into a pickup truck, a probable cause statement reads. Another deputy spotted the truck in the Hibbard, and it didn’t stop until it got near the Teton Lakes Golf Course.

Deputies found the woman standing outside the truck with the passenger door open. A deputy yelled for Fisher to stop, but he sped away with the woman left on the side of the road.

The chase continued, and about a mile down the road, deputies pulled up alongside Fisher, the driver. With speeds around 5 miles per hour, Fisher kept telling deputies he didn’t want to be chased or blocked in, according to court documents.

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Fisher eventually pulled over, and a deputy went to speak with him while another tried blocking in the truck. Fisher took off again.

He stopped a third time to speak with deputies. Fisher reportedly stepped partially out of the truck and wouldn’t let a deputy any closer than the rear bumper.

With Fisher distracted, a deputy opened the passenger door in an attempt to turn off the truck to stop the chase. Fisher quickly jumped back into the truck and allegedly knocked the deputy’s hand out of the way.

“As I felt the vehicle move forward, I pushed back to get out of the vehicle and fell out of the passenger side onto the roadway, spraining my wrist and scraping my right knee,” the deputy writes in the probable cause statement.

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The chase ensued again toward the home the 911 call came from. Fisher allegedly ran several stop signs and drove on the wrong side of the road, prompting a deputy to try to ram the truck off the road.

The attempts to stop the truck failed, and Fisher jumped out of the truck at his house and ran inside quicker than deputies could stop him.

After Fisher’s family couldn’t talk him into surrendering, deputies went inside. About 20 minutes later, he agreed to let them take him into custody.

Last week’s incident isn’t the first time Fisher is accused of running from law enforcement. In 2016, he was taken into custody in Idaho Falls while on parole after he had fled twice from police. That same year, Fisher allegedly left his car at someone’s home and stole theirs.

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Fisher remains in the Madison County Jail on charges of felony second-degree kidnapping, felony eluding law enforcement and misdemeanor assault on law enforcement, with bail set at $100,000. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 1.