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‘We’re in a crisis none of us have ever seen.’ Local ICU doctor pleads with health officials to do more

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Watch the entire EIPH Board of Health meeting in the video above or listen to Dr. Ken Krell speak from about 14:10 to 35:30.

IDAHO FALLS — A local doctor pled with health officials Thursday morning to do more in enacting measures that will enhance public safety.

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Dr. Ken Krell said during an EIPH Board of Health meeting that it’s past time for the board to take definitive action. He discussed where things stand as a healthcare system from a clinician’s point of view, including what a typical day looks like for him caring for patients in the Intensive Care Unit.

“You must stop listening to the lunatic, delusional fringe out there who thus far inhibited you from fulfilling the most legal and moral authority you have to do anything within your power to decrease the destruction, the illness and the death,” he said to the board.

He explained that it’s been a “bad couple of weeks at EIRMC,” adding that the hospital had to open space in the radiology department to house patients. Krell said there’s a breaking point and the community has reached it.

“Please realize beyond a doubt, we are already rationing care. This is not our usual standard of care,” Krell stated. “We all pride ourselves on delivering as good a level of care as any regional hospital in the northwest … but we’re unable to provide that level of care now. We’re in a crisis none of us have ever seen.”

He called on the board to enforce mask requirements, set a clear limitation on gathering sizes and close nonessential businesses such as bars and restaurants.

“You must act,” Krell said. “To do less would be an abrogation of your responsibility and a denial of what you were elected to do.”

You can watch the EIPH board of health meeting in the video player above.

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