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Getting to Know Frankie Adams of College of Eastern Idaho

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1. Name and job title: Frankie Adams, Business & Technology Instructor at College of Eastern Idaho

2. What do you do in your position? I teach courses for the Web Application & Development and Business Management programs. I also serve as the faculty advisor for CEI student senate.
3. Where were you born and when is your birthday? I was born on a spring day in the late 1900s in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  

4. How long have you lived in eastern Idaho and what city do you live in now? I’ve lived in eastern Idaho most of my life. Idaho Falls is home, and after 40 plus years, I’m learning to love the frigid Idaho winters. 

5. Tell us about your first job after high school/college. After high school, my first job was as an order entry specialist at Melaleuca, where I learned the art of cross-selling, upselling, and customer service. My teaching career started at Bonneville High School as Business Education teacher, yearbook advisor and Business Professionals of America advisor. 

6. What is the best business decision you’ve ever made? Changing my education major from elementary to secondary education. Elementary teachers are so much more than educators; they are mediators, referees, event planners, musicians, detectives, zookeepers, and the list goes on. I’m confident in my ability to herd cats, but I prefer herding teenage and young adult felines! My heart goes out to all the elementary teachers, especially those who taught my boys; your dedication and commitment to education are appreciated.

7. Tell us about your family. Proud mom of two boys, one daughter in law and the most precious, brown-eyed granddaughter. I’m also know-it-all sister to two brothers and a favorite child to the best parents. 

8. Tell us about a movie or book that has inspired you the most in life. The Bracelet, a book gifted to me by the College of Education at Idaho State University, tells a story of how a teacher’s influence can forever change the life of a student and a good reminder that “one struggling student plus one caring teacher equals a world of possibility.”

9. Tell us about a lesson you learned from a mistake you made in your career/business. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned about making mistakes is the importance of taking ownership, admitting fault, and forgiving yourself for being human. 

10. What is a goal you hope to accomplish in the next 12 months? Successfully make it off the chairlift without face planting into the snow. I’ve skied for years, and the chairlift has never been an issue, but getting off the chairlift on a snowboard is a different story and HUGE struggle.

12. If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? Probably not. The mistakes and poor choices of my past have been great lessons. I’m proud of where I’ve been and who I am. My profession has taught me the art of reflection and learning to see mistakes and failures as learning and success paths. 

13. Where is your favorite place to eat in eastern Idaho? Many favorite restaurants, but lately, I’ve been craving fish tacos, waffle fries, and legendary fry sauce from the Snakebite in Idaho Falls. 

14. Tell us something surprising about yourself. My students are surprised to learn I’m a grandma and think it’s funny to call me Grandma Frankie. 

15. How do you like your potatoes?  I like my potatoes mashed, baked, fried, and loaded with cheese!

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