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Is this yours? Idaho Falls man wants your help finding out who this necklace belongs to

Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS – If you’ve lost a gold-colored necklace recently, an Idaho Falls man may have found it.

Steven Hobbs tells he was playing with his 3-year-old granddaughter on the playground at Ethel Boyes Elementary School in September and she came home with a necklace around her neck.

“I said, ‘Where did you get that?’ She said, ‘I found it in the wood.’ She was digging in the woodchips by the round oval monkey bar and found it and put it on and was wearing it,” Hobbs says.

After looking at it more closely, Hobbs realized there was a vial on the end of it with a cross on the front. Inside are what looks like ashes, which Hobbs believes are someone’s cremains.

He’s been in touch with Brian Wood of Wood Funeral Home as well as school administrators, who have passed the information along to other schools in the district. He’s also posted about it on social media.

“It’s been shared over 100 times and nobody’s coming forward (to claim it),” says Hobbs. “I really don’t want to keep this thing and I don’t want to dump the ashes out because it could be some little kid’s grandpa or somebody’s pet.”

Hobbs says the necklace is likely gold-plated and is not very old. It’s not tarnished at all, he says.

If you want to claim it or know who it might belong to, Hobbs is asking you to give him a call at (208) 390-5616.

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