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Woke: Idaho Falls couple opening energy clinic in eastern Idaho

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IDAHO FALLS – An Idaho Falls couple is on a mission to spread positive energy, love and light by helping people tap into the self-healing tools that are available to them.

Krystal and Emily Tomas are the owners of Woke, a new clinic at 1869 Yellowstone Highway, Ste. 7, in Idaho Falls offering a variety of alternative and holistic medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. The clinic primarily focuses on energy work through chakra cleanses and alignments, reiki sessions for people and pets, quantum healing sessions, tarot readings, home cleanses, even weddings.

Krystal and Emily are both licensed reiki practitioners and they’re excited to open on Thursday, Nov. 11, a date they say is significant in certain circles.

“11/11 is a huge number in numerology and it’s also a power number. It’s like a portal to a new beginning,” Emily tells “A lot of people believe certain numbers mean really big things.”

Emily has had numerous jobs in the nursing and healthcare industry over the years, but until deciding to open this clinic, she says she always felt there was a higher calling meant for her. The duo says becoming reiki practitioners and opening this clinic is something that aligns with who they are and they consider it a calling to help others in a unique way.

“We just felt guided that it was our path aligning with our higher selves, our purpose to help the community expand their consciousness (and) transform into their best selves,” Krystal says.

Emily, who is almost 40, says it’s a bit unusual to be changing careers at this point in her life but there’s no better time “to do anything that has to do with healing.”

While the services they provide aren’t intended to replace any licensed medical care — and they encourage patients to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or practitioner in the case of serious illness — Emily says it can work hand-in-hand with it.

“We’re not physical healers but we can help the physical body by helping the emotions. Our path is to help people pump their souls, their energetic field (and how they feel throughout the day). Our goal is to help people be in a more zen-like, positive light,” Emily explains. “But it’s not (the superficial) fufu lala stuff. It’s at a core, deep level (that helps change your lifestyle).”

woke clinic outside
Woke is right next to Idaho A+ Bail Bonds in Idaho Falls. | Rett Nelson,

As the business gets up and running, the couple hopes the clinic will become a place where the community feels comfortable coming to begin their spiritual awakening. They’d like to offer books and other educational material for people to learn more about holistic healing practices.

They’ll be offering free mini reiki sessions and chakra scans during an open house on Thursday and they’re inviting the public to come give it a try and see what it’s like.

“We want everyone to feel welcome, whether you’re atheist, Christian or anything else. We want to make sure the public knows all religions, all sexual orientations — everybody is welcome. We are all-inclusive,” says Emily.

Woke’s hours of operation will be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Visit the website to learn more.