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Feel Good Friday

Trolley driver who has spent decades volunteering with 4H is honored for Feel Good Friday

  Published at and Ashley Furniture HomeStore in Idaho Falls and Pocatello are partnering to honor people in our community for Feel Good Friday. Every week, we surprise someone deserving of special recognition.

We recently received an email about a man named Stan. Here’s what it said:

Have you enjoyed the horse-drawn trolley rides in downtown Idaho Falls during the Christmas season and ever wondered who the happy gentleman is who is offering these FREE rides?

Stan Brighton and his family have been giving their time and services for many, many years in the Idaho Falls area. Not only do they offer the rides, Stan has also been running the youth 4H groups in Bonneville County since his children were young. All 5 of his children are grown and have kids of their own – but this hasn’t stopped Stan’s passion for 4H. If a child doesn’t own a horse but has a dream of riding and learning about horses, Stan will donate his time, horses, gear, EVERYTHING to see the kids succeed. He never asks for anything in return, except the growth and happiness of the individual he is working with. Each year he has multiple 4H groups he teaches and takes to city and state competitions – and the children are always changed for the better! Even after “his kids” grow up and leave for college, have families, or start lives of their own – they all keep in contact with Stan… because he’s made that big of an impact. Often, Stan receives handwritten letters and emails from the kids he’s worked with while they are on their mission or away at school asking for his advice.

This “hobby” of Stan’s doesn’t come without cost. He pays for all the feed for the horses the 4H group uses. He buys extra saddles, boots, helmets, etc for kids who may not be able to afford these items. Stan never wants recognition for what he does for the community – he continues teaching 4H because he knows the importance it plays in a child’s life.

We decided to go thank and honor Stan for all he has done for the community! Watch the surprise in the video above.

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