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Anonymous woman provides special Valentine for senior high school girls in Bonneville County

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IDAHO FALLS – A local woman wants to make sure this Valentine’s Day is a special one for high school girls in the Idaho Falls/Ammon area.

She’s anonymously providing a flower and a note for every female high school senior in Bonneville County, including Compass Academy.

“It ended up being 691 flowers,” the woman tells “I don’t know why, but for a couple of years, I’ve thought about that girl sitting in class who doesn’t get a note from the office that says she has a flower waiting for her. I get a bigger lump in my throat when I think about somebody that never gets a flower their whole life. This is our small way of (helping) as many young women (as possible) feel special.”

She and her husband purchased the flowers from Aladdin’s Floral at 504 West Broadway in Idaho Falls. The floral shop started making Valentine deliveries to some schools on Friday. The rest are being delivered Monday morning.

Each flower comes with a tag that includes messages, such as “You are beautiful,” “You are loved,” and “You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.” wasn’t able to speak with any of the students about their reaction to the gift, but the woman behind the effort says everyone involved has been great to work with.

“We ordered them on Saturday (Feb. 5) and she (the floral shop owner) got them on Monday (Feb. 7),” she says. “It’s so great that everybody was willing to help and work together to help us pull this off last minute.”

The woman, who lives in Idaho Falls, is an avid viewer of’s Secret Santa videos during the holiday season. It inspired her to do something to spread love and goodness throughout the year.

She and her husband are hoping to make this an annual tradition.

After seeing it all play out, she says she can’t take credit for all of it because there were many people, including a group of teens at the floral shop, who helped her figure out how to make this happen and she’s grateful for their support.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of other people. It’s nice when people help (others) and want to do good things,” she says.

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Youth at Aladdin’s Floral who helped distribute the flowers. | Courtesy photo