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Man arraigned in court after allegedly throwing himself through car windshield

Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS – A man was charged with misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor injury to property after reportedly throwing himself through a car windshield to stop a woman from leaving.

Idaho Falls Police were called to a home for a disturbance on June 1. When they arrived, they saw a man with “blood splattered on his shirt and face and his left hand was dripping blood.”

They also noticed the windshield of a car was “caved in”.

When officers started asking the people around what had happened, a woman told them that she had been at Tautphaus park with her child when it all began.

The woman told police that she is pregnant, and was approached by the father of her unborn baby at the park.

The man started “yelling at her about the way she was dressed,” and began “getting abusive and yelling and calling (the woman) names, so (the woman) left.”

She told police that she went to a gas station to meet another man who she lives and also shares a child with.

Once in the car, the woman says that they were about to leave when the first man “pulled up and jumped on the hood, and broke the windshield.”

According to court documents, the woman and man inside the car continued to pull out of the parking lot, and the first man “fell off the car.” He then got up and chased the car down the street.

The two in the car arrived at the home, got out of the car, and waited for the other man to arrive. When he did, the two men took off down the street, chasing each other.

The woman told police she got into the car and picked up the man she lives with before the other man could catch him.

Police were later able to obtain footage of the incident at the gas station. It showed that the suspect “pulled up in a silver Jeep…ran up to the car, jumped on the hood, then jumped feet first through the front windshield.”

Court documents say the man inside the car then “kicked at (the suspect) through the hole in the windshield,” before pulling out of the parking space, and the man on top of the car “rolled off the hood.”

If convicted, the suspect could face up to 1 and a half years in prison.

Though the suspect has been charged with these crimes, it does not necessarily mean he committed them. Everyone is presumed innocent until they are proven guilty.

A pre-trial conference is scheduled for Oct. 19.

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