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Life Lessons

Larry Miller shares what he’s thankful for and how he remembers to have gratitude

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Life is hard, stressful, fast-paced and can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why is partnering with MorningStar Senior Living of Idaho Falls to bring you Life Lessons.

We’re asking MorningStar residents to share gems of wisdom every Tuesday with us. Some of their answers will make you laugh, some may make you cry, some may even change your life.

We recently went with a group of veterans from Morningstar to the Aeromark airplane hangar in Idaho Falls. Bob and Jane Hoff own Aeromark and invited the veterans to see several planes that were on display.

Larry Miller spoke with us and today he’s sharing what he is thankful for along with how he remembers to keep gratitude interwoven in his life. Watch our interview in the video player above.