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Idaho law enforcement celebrates the contributions of forensic science

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The following is a news release from Idaho State Police:

MERIDIAN — In honor of National Forensic Science Week, Idaho State Police (ISP) and Idaho law enforcement agencies are celebrating the contributions of forensic science in the pursuit of truth and justice. This annual event, held from Sept. 17 through 23, aims to highlight the critical importance of scientific and technical professionalism.

Forensic science plays a pivotal role in our criminal justice system by providing essential tools and methodologies to analyze evidence, exonerating the innocent, identifying suspects and presenting compelling cases in the court of law.

With three laboratories across the state in Coeur d’Alene, Meridian and Pocatello, the ISP laboratory system provides services in the following areas:

  • biology/DNA
  • chemistry
  • trace evidence
  • toxicology
  • firearms and tool marks
  • latent prints
  • documents
  • digital evidence

Scientists help with crime scene processing, evidence examination, firearms analysis, latent print processing and comparison, impression evidence collection and comparison, trace evidence examination and digital evidence.

ISP recognizes the dedicated and talented men and women in the Forensic Services unit, composed of 70 civilian personnel, who support law enforcement investigations through analytical work and objective testimony. They also engage with community members and organizations to educate, provide demonstrations, and give lectures.

“National Forensic Science Week recognizes the impact of forensic science on daily law enforcement operations,” said ISP Lab Systems Director Matthew Gamette. “I witness firsthand the power of cutting-edge technologies that aid the justice system. Our dedicated forensic experts work tirelessly on accurate and reliable results, enabling law enforcement to develop strong cases and safeguard our communities.”

Throughout the week, ISP will educate the public about forensic science and host a public community education presentation to highlight facets of forensic science and its contribution to public safety. The event will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 19, at Boise State University and can be viewed online (Meeting ID: 953 4450 5875 // Passcode: 971826). Boise Police Department’s Violent Crimes Detective Paul Jagosh will present the Joyce Casper investigation, emphasizing science’s importance in solving crimes.

During the event, the Rick Groff Visionary Leadership in Forensic Science Award, the Forensic Science Teacher of the Year Award and other industry awards will be announced in recognition of outstanding leadership.

Take a virtual lab tour to meet the people and see the science behind our labs. Watch the methodical way evidence is received, safely stored, and tracked. Learn about the science behind blood and breath alcohol testing. See how controlled substances are confirmed by watching experts process and analyze fingerprints. Take a look into the world of DNA analysis, from extraction to identification here.