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Bear Lake High junior a multi-sport athlete, on student council and aspiring doctor

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MONTPELIER — Tayzley Neal is a junior at Bear Lake High School. She is a member of the softball, volleyball and basketball teams while serving on the student council.

Neal said she has been involved in sports for most of her life, but decided to join the student council as a part of her growth as a high school student. She told her mission was to improve the high school experience at Bear Lake constantly.

“My whole high school career — I’ve always wanted to make improvements, just include more people and have more fun,” she said. “Instead of just complaining, I wanted to actually make something happen and bring a different perspective to the student council.”

It was a fantastic learning experience, she admitted, discovering the difficulties of planning and organizing campus events.

In addition to the expansive list of sports she already plays, Neal plans on joining the track team this year. She hopes to make the team as a middle-distance runner — highlighting the 400 meter race as an event of interest.

Since she was small, Neal said, she has dreamed of a forming a career in the medical field. For years, her dream was to become either an OB-GYN or surgeon. But in recent years, she has realized how important it is for her to have a family and to be as close to that family as possible. For that reason, she has shifted her focus slightly.

“I really like to be, like, a dietician or go into sports nutrition,” she said.

Working as a nutritionist will allow Neal to fulfill her dream of helping others, while allowing her more time with family, she said.

Neal would like to attend Utah State University after her time at Bear Lake is done — though Idaho State University is also an option. A third option, she added, would be BYU-Hawaii.

“That would be a cool experience,” she said.

Regardless of which school she chooses, Neal said, when it becomes time to leave Bear Lake and Montpelier she will miss the relationships she has forged — and knowing almost everyone she sees daily.

“But also, I want to just get out on my own and make my own decisions.”