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Variety of summer music camps offered in Ammon, including learning video game and movie themes 

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AMMON — A local teacher is offering four music camps this summer. During these camps, kids will learn and play a variety of songs, including video game and movie music.

Madison Hanson is a teacher at Snake River Strings Co. in Ammon. Each camp is for different levels of ability. It’s specifically for stringed players, including those who play violin, viola, and cello. 

“Snake River Strings Co. is a place where we’re just really trying to create an environment where kids can learn but also develop their own independence as musicians,” Hanson said. “This is just another opportunity for them to develop their own musical style and artistic expression.”

The first camp will be offered June 17 through June 21. It runs from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Click here to view the other camp dates which will be in July and part of August. 

“I am arranging all of the music for the camps so we are going to be playing music from Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean and How to Train Your Dragon. Some video game music…we are doing the theme from The Last of Us and the Among Us theme,” she said in regard to the music camp. 

The students will additionally be learning how to compose their own theme in the movie and video game music camp. 

“They are going to come up with a video game character or a movie character, and they are going to compose a melodic theme for that character on their instrument,” Hanson explained. “I am going to show them a little bit about some digital music making.”

Then there will be a performance. 

Other camps include learning about art or world and folk music. There’s also a camp where kids will learn about rock and pop. It’s a chance for students to open their horizons. 

“We are going to be doing some songs from Coldplay, Journey, AC/DC, Taylor Swift songs, and some Billie Eilish songs,” Hanson said. “Somebody is going to like something that we play. It’s going to be for everybody.”

Hanson’s background is in music education and she is currently working on her master’s degree. She is a music coordinator in Bonneville Joint School District 93 too.

“I think my favorite part is helping kids realize they have a voice and they have autonomy in their learning and that music is such an amazing way for them to develop their sense of self and to be able to share that with other people,” Hanson said. 

She encourages students to give one or all of the camps a try. 

“I think it is just going to be an amazing experience where people in our community can come together and make music in an authentic way and share that with other people,” she said. 

To view pricing for the camps or to enroll, click here. Scroll down on the page until you find Madison Hanson.