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5 must-haves when you go into labor

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You’ve been waiting nine months for this moment, and you’re finally heading to the hospital to give birth. But you shouldn’t arrive empty-handed! Here are five things to bring to the hospital when you’re ready to welcome your baby.

  1. You’ll need your insurance information, I.D. card and hospital paperwork. Make sure you’re not forgetting these, so the hospital charges your insurance instead of charging you.
  2. Labor is hard work and usually involves a lot of heavy breathing. Most hospitals won’t allow you to eat during labor, but bring chapstick and something to keep your mouth moist. Also, don’t forget socks in case your feet get cold.
  3. Every second of the birth process may not be interesting, and you might spend a lot of time waiting for your special bundle of joy. Bring something to occupy your time. Your electronic device, a book or puzzles might help the time pass.
  4. If you have older children, find someone to take care of them, especially if your partner is coming to the hospital with you. You might also want to buy a special gift for your older children, something to give them when they meet their younger sibling for the first time. It’ll be like the baby is giving them a gift! Sibling relationships can be rocky, so get it started off on the right foot.
  5. Eventually, it will be time to leave the hospital and you’ll return home. Bring clothes for you and your baby to come home in. You’ll still look up to six months pregnant, so don’t break out the skinny jeans just yet! Pack something loose and comfortable. Also, the hospital will not release the baby to you until you have a car seat, so make sure you have that and know how it works!

There might be other things you decide to bring along for the ride, but don’t forget these five essentials!