Miley Cyrus Tells Justin Bieber How to Stay Out of Trouble on “Leno”


Paul Drinkwater/NBC(LOS ANGELES) — Miley Cyrus had some advice for Justin Bieber on Thursday night’s installment of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in light of his recent troubles.  Her advice to Bieber, in part, was to stay home.

“I would just say, you know what, you’ve got a lot of money, pay people to make sure you don’t get in trouble,” Cyrus said. “And party at your house. Buy a house, and add a club to it,” she added to much applause.

For all the headlines Cyrus has made in the past few years, she pointed out that she draws the line between having fun and breaking the law.

“I get the most flak of anybody…But I’m not doing anything illegal. …So that’s all right,” she said.

Cyrus also talked about her MTV Unplugged show this week, which featured her singing with Madonna.  Cyrus called the moment a “dream come true.”

She said of the Madonna, “[S]he definitely was an inspiration for me of just not being afraid. It was nice to, you know, share the stage with someone that I knew I could get away with a lot. She wasn’t scared of me.”

And as for her upcoming tour, Cyrus said she can’t wait to get on her bus to visit the 38 cities on the schedule.

“[N]o one else really…gets as excited as I do to go on a bus…I guess because…I was brought up being on a tour bus with my dad, I love it,” she said.

“And it’s fun to like trap people: all my friends are stuck for like 30 hours in a little confined place,” she added.

Cyrus launches her Bangerz tour Feb. 14 in Vancouver, Canada.

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