Chobani Accused of Stealing Yogurt Recipe From Fage


Chobani(NEW YORK) — It’s a food fight that leaves a bad taste.

The ex-wife of Chobani Yogurt CEO Hamdi Ulukaya said that Ulukaya used corporate espionage to steal his popular Greek Yogurt recipe from Fage.

Ayse Giray, Ulukaya’s former wife, said that he obtained the recipe “by bribing a former employee of Fage with over 41 thousand dollars,” according to court documents she filed as part of a lawsuit over her shares of ownership in Chobani and its predecessor company.

Chobani has claimed that the company spent almost 18 months developing the recipe for its yogurt.

“The allegations are completely baseless and without merit,” a spokesperson from Chobani told ABC News.

On Fage’s website, meanwhile, the company says its yogurt is “made with a family recipe that dates back to 1926.”

Giray and Fage have not responded to requests from ABC News for comment.

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