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Freeze your pain away at Renew Cryotherapy

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Reporter Mike Moran tries out the nitrogen chamber at Renew Cryotherapy in Idaho Falls.

IDAHO FALLS — How would you like to spend up to three minutes in a chamber filled with nitrogen gas at temperatures between -175 to -250 degrees Fahrenheit?

At Renew Cryotherapy, which opened Nov. 26, clients step inside a small chamber. Nitrogen gas fills the chamber and cools the chamber rapidly.

Clients can choose from three levels of cold depending on the level of pain they are in and their experience with cryotherapy. Even though nitrogen gas is safe to breathe, their heads are above the chamber to prevent asphyxiation.

“Many people say afterwards they feel a reduction in pain and even an euphoric experience similar to a runner’s high,” said owner Jared Weimer.


Being exposed to extreme temperatures triggers the body’s “flight or fight” response, and people using the chamber experience vasoconstriction, where blood rushes to protect vital organs. After leaving the chamber, clients experience vasodilation were blood flow is increased. During this time the body produces excess white blood cells, adrenaline and even endorphins that help with pain and have other medical benefits, he said.

Cryotherapy is not FDA approved, but has been a popular form of treatment in Europe for more than 20 years. Several studies are being done in cryotherapy by different companies like Impact, the manufacturer of the chamber, to determine more benefits of cryotherapy. There are no known long-term risks associated with cryotherapy, though it is not recommended for individuals with certain health conditions and pregnancy.

Many celebrities, like basketball player LeBron James, use and believe in the benefits from cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy can be used for pain management, inflammation control, muscle recovery, weight loss, and tightening of the skin.

Weimer became interested in cryotherapy after his wife suffered a back injury three years ago that left her with pain in her back and legs. The couple were introduced to cryotherapy in Utah and his wife said that it reduced her pain significantly. Tired of continuing to go to Utah for treatment the couple opened up shop in Idaho Falls.


No license is required to operate the facility, but extensive training is undergone to properly handle nitrogen gas and make sure clients are safe during the process, he said.

“There is low risk to clients. Mostly we monitor them to make sure they are not breathing in the gas and that they continue to move during the process,” said Weimer.

One major risk is frostbite around the feet, so clients wear wool socks and neoprene booties to stop this from happening.

Skin exposure is key to the process, and clients strip to their underwear before going into the chamber. Robes are provided before and after treatment.

Renew Cryotherapy offers different payment plans and discounts to individuals. Sessions can be done up to twice a day depending on the benefits the person is trying to achieve.

The business is at 2090 East 25th Street in Idaho Falls. For more information on Renew Cryotherapy or to schedule an appointment visit its website.