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Parents of 5 boys invented a way to keep their toilet spotless

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Cindy Covington holding the Potty Protector | Photo by Natalia Hepworth

BLACKFOOT — For many mothers and fathers, cleaning the toilet is easily the least favorite chore in the house.

But now that job is looking a little easier — and a lot less messy — thanks to a clever invention by a pair of local parents.

“We invented the Potty Protector,” said Cindy Covington of Blackfoot, CEO of Potty Protector.

It may sound silly at first, but this spray shield that attaches onto your toilet bowl works. It keeps the human waste where it belongs – inside of the toilet.

“It guards all of that extra fine mist spray that just happens with little boys, and even teenagers, and even grown men, and even older, older men,” Covington said.

For Covington and her five boys, the Potty Protector has saved them serious cleaning time. She said it’s like having a portable urinal without the expense of a urinal.

“The only thing that I ended up having to wipe down at the end of the week was dust. I’ve never had to actually dust my toilet before,” Covington said.

The Potty Protector place properly on porcelain. | Instagram

Covington said the idea came about after she kept complaining to her husband, Chris, about constantly cleaning up after their boys.

“He came back in with this makeshift bucket, stuck it on my toilet and I (said), ‘What is that?’ A couple days later and even weeks later I didn’t have the overspray and so I didn’t have to clean,” Covington said.

Soon their friends wanted try the Potty Protector.

“I liked the idea. I have four boys and I said, ‘Oh my gosh! You need to make me one,’” friend Alice Anderson said. “Instead of having to change my toilet seat every year, because it gets stains on it like crazy, I haven’t had to do that.”

The Potty Protector can fit any toilet. It has a small handle on back so you don’t have touch the main parts of the shield, and it only needs to be cleaned about once a week.

“When the spray hits this, it just immediately slides off from the slip agent and so you’re not having to wipe it off every single time,” Covington said.

Covington said her product really does save time and the hassle of cleaning those hard to reach places on your toilet. Parents can find the Potty Protector on its website, Kickstarter page, or Instagram. It is selling for about $25.

“I just have had so many moms wanting it, and they were just all saying how much it has changed their life of not constantly having to wipe down the bathroom,” Covington said.


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