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Nathanael Adams and his son Eli serving up some hot chocolate. | Nichole Stanford,

REXBURG — Nathanael Adams, owner of Los Locos Churreria, sells a sweet treat that he, his wife and six children brought from Mexico.

They serve churros with several varieties of fillings along with three different drinks. Adams aims to provide a fun place to get yummy treats with a cool atmosphere.

Before moving to Rexburg three years ago, he and his wife were teachers in Chihuahua, Mexico. Now Adams works for Brigham Young University-Idaho in the Pathway program.

“We thought we would like to open a small business to be able to have work for our kids and help them understand the value of work, and we thought churros would be good because they are unique,” Adams said. “We (didn’t) have them here in Rexburg how we like them.”

Adams said that his business would be in little carts on the beaches in Mexico, but with the weather in Rexburg, you can’t very well do business year round in a cart unless you want to sell popsicles.

“We’re hoping that as things thaw out here in Rexburg, we will bring in some soft-serve ice cream and do a churro split,” Adams said.

Rexburg local Larry Brown heard about the new place selling churros and hot chocolate and decided he needed to come check it out.

He loves churros and feels he’s a pretty good judge of whether or not he is getting a good cup of hot chocolate.

“It’s a really, really, really good churro.”


Larry Brown and his wife Angela trying out the new sweet treat in Rexburg. | Nichole Stanford,

“On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate these churros a 9.5. It’s a really, really, really good churro,” Brown said. “And the hot chocolate, it’s not like regular hot chocolate with milk — it’s got the almond cinnamon in it. It’s really yummy, it’s not like super milky and I like dark chocolate and this is a little darker chocolate. I’ll definitely be back.”

The chocolate is from Oaxaca in southern Mexico. It is toasted cocoa beans with cinnamon, almonds and sugar all ground up together. It comes in a block, which is melted down. The restaurant also serves a Mormon coffee (caffeine free) which is a little like Postum or Pero, and a warm cinnamon tea. It also has creamers and sugars for customers who like a little creamier versions.


Los Locos Churreria is open Monday through Saturday from 1 to 10 p.m. at 155 W. Main (between The Hickory and Domino’s). You will even get some Spanish lessons if you ask nicely. For more information go to or Facebook.


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