Special Olympic swim team diving head first into the competition


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POCATELLO — The Gate City Dolphins are a group of 25 swimmers all from different backgrounds and each with their own special need but the love of swimming has brought them together and made them one of the best swim teams in the state.

“I love being a dolphin and being on this team really supports me,” said Nancy Schorzman.

Some of the dolphins have been on the team for years and the swimmers have become a tight knit group. Many of them say this is their family and they inspire each other every day to do better.

“I’ve actually done the greatest and I’m still doing greater because I am constantly learning new technique and form so I can swim faster, harder and longer,” Nathan Higley.

The dolphins are getting ready for regionals as a preliminary for the state tournament. The swimmers have been in the pool two days a week for the last three months getting ready for the competition.

“When you get to competition there is an invigorating feel in the air that you can’t help getting excited,” said Teresa Lewis, coach/program coordinator. “As a coach it’s so hard to be on the side, I want to get next to them, be right there with them and be beside them.”

While all the swimmers want to do well at regionals and qualify for state many of them are just happy to be in the water swimming beside some of their best friends, win or loss.

“Being in the pool is powerful, mysterious and I really want to be on this team so much,” said Schorzman.

The Gate City Dolphins will dive in the pool Saturday in Idaho Falls. The meet is being held at the aquatic center and it is free to the public.

The state tournament will be next month.

This article was originally published at KPVI.com. It is used here with permission.


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