Two water towers in Blackfoot coming down


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The iconic water tower that overlooks Highway 91 in Blackfoot may soon be coming down. | Leslie Sieger,

BLACKFOOT – The two water towers in Blackfoot will soon be coming down.

The city of Blackfoot is currently taking bids for the demolition of two water towers in town, one at 255 W. Idaho St. and the other at 10 W. Walker St.

“We don’t use them anymore, and they have become a liability,” said City Works Director Richard Mangum. “They are sitting there rusting away.”

The tower on Idaho Street, behind the fire department, was built in 1921, and the tower on Walker was built in 1954. The towers have become iconic landmarks and many Blackfoot residents have said they don’t want to see them go.

“I love the water tower on Walker,” said Erin Hidalgo in the Facebook post. “It’s the first sign I always had that I was home when I was a little girl.”

“The one on Walker is iconic,” Pat Burns said. “It should stay, if only as symbolic.”

Jackie Wynnmitchell added, “If there is not a good reason, leave them alone. The city fathers are messing with too much history. Leave things alone.”

Other residents, who also do not want to see the towers go, provided ideas for the towers.

“Get hold of Mattel Corporation and see if they could help turn them into Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head,” said Bob Blackburn. “We are the potato capital of the world. That would also bring in a few more tourist dollars to Blackfoot.”

In 1994 the city paid $45,000 to have the Walker Street tower sandblasted and repainted.

The call for bids went out on the city’s website July 21. The deadline to submit a bid is 2 p.m. Monday, Aug. 14. Bids must be submitted to Suzanne McNeel, City Clerk, 157 N. Broadway St., Blackfoot. For more information, or to read the bid rules visit, or call Mangum at (208)785-8600 ext. 5.


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