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Madison Fire Department sends off truck to Texas for Harvey relief

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First responders about to load food items into a semi-truck. | Courtesy, Madison Fire Department

REXBURG — After nearly two weeks of gathering donations, the Madison Fire Department sent off a semi-truck full of items Friday to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

“We ended up having about 20 pallets or so,” firefighter Cory Marriott said.

Locals were asked to donate ready-to-eat foods, cleaning supplies and hygiene products to a humanitarian drive lead by firefighter Marriott. He said thousands in the area donated to the cause.

At 8 a.m. Friday, firefighters packaged the remaining food and supplies before loading the truck two hours later.

Courtesy Madison Fire Department

Cedarpoint Trucking, a local trucking company, volunteered to ship the items to Dickinson, Texas.

“We ended up filling about half of a truckload and it was a full refrigeration truck,” Marriott said.

The drive was extended to departments throughout the area and Madison Fire Chief Corey Child said Bonneville County Emergency Services also gathered donations for the effort.

Child said he was impressed with the community and all they’ve done given for victims who need relief.

Courtesy Madison Fire Department

Courtesy Madison Fire Department

“I think my memories went back to the Teton Dam Flood in 1976 when many people dropped off food saying, ‘This is the least I can do,'” Child said. “The world came to our need at one time when we had our flood and it’s the least I can do to give something to the people of Houston.”