Idahoan in the running for ‘America’s Next Top Model’


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Liberty Netuschil

IDAHO FALLS — A 21-year-old eastern Idaho girl is in the running to be ‘America’s Next Top Model.’

Liberty Netuschil, a Lava Hot Springs native, has made several appearances on the popular VH1 series. The reality show features modeling challenges and weekly eliminations. The show just aired the fifth episode of its 24th season or as they call them “cycles”.

“There’s a lot to look forward to,” Netuschil told “As far as entertainment for my cycle, trust me you’re going to be entertained.”

With the show creator Tyra Banks returning to the show this season along with judges Ashley Graham, Drew Elliot and Law Roach the season came with a lot of surprises, including the age limit being limitless.

“There’s a lot that happens on our cycle. It’s a very diverse group of women, with different backgrounds, different thought processes, and they really wanted to stir the pot,” Netuschil said.

Netuschil is still going strong and has survived eliminations since the first episode which aired Jan. 9. The show started with 14 women and is now down to 10 at the beginning of episode 6, which airs Feb. 13 on VH1.

When she left Idaho some four years ago after graduating high school, Netuschil had intentions of pursuing higher education. However, she was inspired by the modeling industry and made a course correction in her goals.

“I needed a change, I needed to see something that really expanded my own beliefs and my own mindset, and I just wanted to test the waters,” Netuschil said. “I feel that I’m able to bring to the table something so genuine and unique because where we come from, people want to help their next-door neighbor. Those (traits) really just get lost in the big city, to be honest with you. I have awesome core values and I can only thank Idaho for that.”

Since that change, she’s been modeling full-time and was reached out to by the show’s producers.

During a Skype interview with the reality star, Netuschil dished as much as she could about the episodes without revealing too many spoilers.

She said the first episode is shot during casting and the judges have to take 26 women and eliminate 12 choosing a cast of 14.

Netuschil during the fourth episode of the season entitled ‘Beauty is Drama’ | Instagram

“It basically starts at casting week,” Netuschil said. “My boyfriend drops me off and knows nothing that happens to me after that, I just disappear out of thin air. My phone gets turned off and gets put in a bag. All of my stuff gets taken and I become basically just one with the production.”

Netuschil obviously makes the cut and is thrown onto a set of other women looking to make it in the modeling industry. With the theme of the season being #NextLevelFierce, the episodes are jam-packed with reality drama and intense challenges from social media influencers and moguls in the realm of modeling.

“One of the really exciting ones that’s coming up is RuPaul so that’s really big right now. RuPaul’s drag race is basically a bunch of drag queens that come together and we got to bring them onto one of our photo shoots,” Netuschil said. “It was absolutely incredible.”

Netuschil did say however if you’re going to watch the show take the content with a grain of salt. She’s discovering how she’s portrayed in each episode as she watches along with viewers.

She also says if you’re looking into the modeling industry know it’s a lot more than taking a pretty picture. She doesn’t regret being on the show, but certain episodes don’t fully represent what Netuschil stands for.

“It made me understand that I need to take my words and really think about what I’m saying when I’m on camera,” Netuschil said. “They will just take a clip from anytime anywhere and place it at a convenient point so it makes you look a certain way and it can portray you in a completely wrong light or a really good one,” Netuschil said. “I would love for people to watch the show and to see how I’m portrayed versus who they see in life, or on my social media.”

She says overall viewers should watch the show for its entertainment value.

“It’s super entertaining. They will be entertained from the beginning of the episode to the end… I guarantee you they’re going to love it. It’s just fun. Even if they don’t even care about me, they’re going to fall in love with one of the girls on the show … they always have a back story to every girl.”

Follow Liberty Netuschil on Instagram, Twitter or like her Facebook page. She said she responds to as many direct messages as she can.

“I love to talk to people and to just enlighten them,” Netuschil said.