No charges filed in Pocatello police-involved shooting


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POCATELLO — Bingham County Prosecuting Attorney Cleve Colson announced Friday that no criminal charges will be filed against police in the Dec. 22 officer-involved shooting that left 62-year-old Laurence McClellan dead.

The Bingham County/City of Blackfoot Joint Detectives Division received a detailed account of what happened from police, and compiled a report, photos and audio recordings to hand over to Colson.

“I have concluded that the shooting was a justified use of deadly force necessitated by the threat Mr. Laurence McClellan posed to a Bannock County Deputy and a Pocatello Police Officer and the public,” Colson said.

Pocatello Police say the incident started with a hit and run report around 7:30 p.m. Officers say a Ford pickup hit four or five cars on Fairmont Avenue. They tracked the Ford to McClellan’s home on 1540 Homer Drive in Pocatello.

A woman in the home confirmed that the car belonged to McClellan. The woman led police into McClellan’s room, where he was sitting on the bed holding a black handgun. McClellan pointed the gun in the direction of officers, who immediately left the home. The woman also left safely at a later time.

Police set up a perimeter to keep the officers and the pubic safe, and a trained PPD negotiator began speaking with McClellan over the phone. Bannock County Deputies and an Idaho State Police Trooper responded to assist PPD.

Around 8:30 p.m., McClellan walked out the back door of the house and raised his gun in the direction of a Bannock County Deputy and a PPD Officer. Both gave McClellan commands, but he continued to point his gun at the Deputy and Officer.

At 8:33 p.m., a Bannock County Deputy shot three times at McClellan. He died at the scene after lifesaving efforts were performed from officers and an ambulance crew.

This story originally appeared on KPVI. It is posted here with permission.