Idaho Falls sisters headed to junior olympics

Idaho Falls

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IDAHO FALLS – The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang may have just come to a close, but for a pair of sisters from Idaho Falls, the biggest competition of their lives is just beginning.

Waverly and Sarah Cinense are 16 and 13. Sarah likes to bake, and Waverly likes to crochet. But they also have another hobby, one that could take them all the way to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: shooting.

“It feels peaceful,” said Waverly, “And I’m able to be in my own little world when I’m shooting.”

Sarah shoots a pistol, and Waverly a rifle. Waverly has been shooting for two years, and Sarah for just six months.

But both sisters are headed to Colorado Springs for the National Junior Olympics for shooting.

“I first got inspired for my sister,” said Sarah, “Because I saw how determined she was, and I wanted to be that determined.”

The two started shooting in New Mexico, but then had to relocate for their dad’s job. That’s when they found out about Randy Shikashio, who is known for training Olympic shooters.

The sisters practice every day for at least an hour and a half, something they don’t mind, as they have even bigger goals than the Junior Olympics.

“When I went into my first big match, that was fun…I got the adrenaline rush, and everybody else was standing next to each other shooting. That was awesome, and I really want to do that one day at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”

But for now, the girls have their eyes on Colorado Springs 2018.

The sisters leave for Colorado Springs in late April.

If you want to help them get there, visit their GoFundMe page here.

This article was first published by KPVI. It is used here with permission.