IFPD cracking down on outstanding warrants & these 23 people were arrested

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The following is a news release from Idaho Falls Police.

IDAHO FALLS — Idaho Falls Police mobilized and served 23 warrants in a 7-day period. The majority of those warrants, 13 of them, were served on May 8.

Police are cracking down on those with pending warrants stemming from serious charges, such as battery, drug trafficking and more. 12 of the 23 people arrested had felony warrants. Two of the arrests also yielded new charges, including possession of controlled substances and possession of paraphernalia.

Chief Bryce Johnson commended the work of the officers in finding the wanted persons and arresting them professionally and according to policy.

Jovan Lewis

Miguel Garza

Henry Charboneau

Jenna Willis

Jason Williams

Kyle Thomas

Talisha Thompson

Matthew Pydlek

Fredrick Norton

Douglas Nish

Kara Lewis

Benjamin Nielsen

Samantha King

Benjamin Larkin

Dakota Kelso

Curtis Kelso

Candy Kelso

Trevor Jenkins

Teton Jack

Jason Hawkinson

Traci Hall

Shikera Garza

William Fravel