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Biz Buzz: New York Burrito in Rexburg closed due to lack of parking, owner says

Biz Buzz

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Courtesy photo | New York Burrito

Do you want to know what’s happening on the east Idaho business scene? We’ve got you covered.

Here is a rundown of this week’s business news across the valley.



Restaurant owner says he is unsure whether he will reopen again

REXBURG – Before Cafe Rio or Costa Vida came to town, there was New York Burrito.

For 21 years, New York Burrito in Rexburg has been serving up hot and fresh burritos and wraps to customers. Then about two weeks ago, they decided to close their doors.

Restaurant owner Ron Campbell tells the reason for the closure was because of parking space.

“We’re surrounded by call centers. They just take all the parking. Then with Porter’s closing, that was taking additional parking as well,” says Campbell.

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The decision to reopen is still an option on the table, though still in limbo. Campbell says he is considering three different locations, but nothing is firm yet.

“We’d do a total revamp if we decided to relocate and reopen, maybe even a name change,” Campbell says.

In addition to New York Burrito, Campbell owns 12 rental properties and three Subway restaurants. Managing the four restaurants is pretty labor intensive, Campbell says, and hard to keep up with.

“There a lot to do and not enough of me to go around,” says Campbell. “I’m getting a little older. New York Burrito is more labor intensive (than the other restaurants) as far as cooking goes, and it’s harder to teach those things these days.”

The decision to close their location at 80 E. Main was a tough one to make, Campbell says. He says he doesn’t know, at this point, what is going to happen moving forward, but is grateful for the loyal clientele throughout the years.

Campbell originally owned a Subway restaurant where New York Burrito is currently located.


Vince Haley | June 6, 2018

REXBURG – The owners of the KFC restaurant in Rexburg recently filed for a permit to remodel the building, according to Economic Development Director Scott Johnson. “What it turns into after that, we don’t know,” Johnson tells KFC closed last September following a grease fire. Damages were reported at $200,000. Locals held a candlelight vigil for the restaurant in February.

IDAHO FALLS – Ahhhsome Relaxation, a 24 hour, seven day a week “stress reduction center” in Idaho Falls has a new therapy they want you to know about. It’s called Halotherapy. Patients are exposed to dry salt particles, which helps enhance lung capacity, increase oxygen intake and boost endurance, says co-owner Shawn Tolman. Halotherapy has many other health benefits and is 100-percent natural. “It’s not a magic bullet,” Co-owner Alyce Jeppesen tells “It takes anywhere from three to 25 sessions, depending on what your issue is, to rebuild the lungs, ear, nose and throat.”

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POCATELLO – On Monday the Pocatello Development Authority held a special meeting inside city hall to discuss the Hoku property. “The agenda for the Pocatello Development Authority had an action item for Hoku. No action taken on the Hoku property. “They entered into an executive session where they discussed a number of different things and unfortunately as much as I wish I could, I cannot speak about or respond to anything, disclose anything that happened in the executive session,” Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad says.




The following is a news release from the Better Business Bureau.

A new report by your Better Business Bureau shows how sweepstakes, lottery, and prize schemes are devastating victims financially and emotionally with their ever-evolving methods. These frauds concentrate on seniors, targeting them by direct mail, cold calling, social media, even text messages and smartphone pop-ups.

Your BBB wants to make sure people can detect this scam and prevent becoming a victim. True lotteries and sweepstakes don’t ask for money; if you are asked for money or taxes, it’s a huge red flag. Also don’t be afraid to look into these mailers or calls, call the lottery or sweepstakes company directly to see if you won.

For more information on this topic and other scams, CLICK HERE.


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