East Idaho’s No. 1 Mexican restaurant is …


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Judges try each restaurant’s best dishes | Josh Johnson, EastIdahoNews.com

IDAHO FALLS — After more than 600 votes and more than 40 different Mexican restaurants, EastIdahoNews.com has determined east Idaho’s No. 1 Mexican restaurant.

After tallying everyone’s comments on our Facebook post Friday in which we asked for your favorite Mexican restaurants, EastIdahoNews.com found the top three voted restaurants. Those were Pachanga’s, Morenita’s Mexican Restaurant and Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant. After that, it came down to a panel of four judges to determine which of three is No. 1.

Restaurants provided samples of their most popular dishes for our judges to try. The judges did not know which restaurant’s food they were tasting during the (admittedly unscientific) judging process.

Each restaurant was given a score out of 10 in each of the four categories; presentation, texture, smell and taste. The scores were all tallied for the final scores.

All the food was amazing and the scores were incredibly tight. But in the end, Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant came out on top.

Let us know your thoughts and what other kinds of food EastIdahoNews.com should name No. 1 next.