Secret Santa surprises a single mom who adopted 3 children from a rough situation

Secret Santa

Share This is spreading Christmas cheer with the help of a Secret Santa who asked us to help him give away $250,000 this holiday season.

Nominations are being accepted until Christmas day for individuals and families truly in need. Every nomination is read, and Secret Santa decides how he can best help as many people as possible. The elves surprise the recipients and record many of their reactions. Some stories are too sensitive to share publicly, but we hope you feel the Christmas spirit as you watch and share these videos with your friends and family members.

We are no longer accepting submissions for Secret Santa 2018. Thank you for helping Secret Santa make this Christmas special for so many.

Magdalene Mercado is the person who organizes every party and Secret Santa-type event at work. She rallies neighbors to help out when one of them is in need.

She is a single mom who, several years ago, adopted three siblings from a dangerous, abusive environment and giving them a home and life full of warmth and love. Each of the kids has struggled with personal issues stemming from their traumatic early childhood and Mag has patiently loved each child through their trials.

She has taught them the value of hard work by arranging for them to earn their own money by cleaning the office building where Mag works. The kids are just about the most sincere, respectful young people you could hope to meet.

Over the last few months, one of Mag’s children has experienced some major setbacks. She has been to the emergency room a few times, and has been in and out of multiple facilities. Mag has stayed up countless nights trying to help her precious daughter fight back her demons. At the moment, Mag is looking at facilities around the country that might be a good place for her daughter.

As a single mom, Mag has struggled to carry this load, but she remains the picture of grace and toughness, never asking for help from anyone — just the occasional friendly ear to listen.

Secret Santa asked the elves to surprise Mag at work with an early Christmas gift. Watch the video above to see what happened!