2 stranded snowmobilers rescued from Sawtelle Peak


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The following is a news release from Fremont County Search and Rescue.

FREMONT COUNTY – On Thursday, January 3, around 5:45 p.m., Fremont County Search and Rescue was dispatched to Sawtelle Peak Road in Island Park to search for and rescue two snowmobilers from Rexburg.

Their snowmobiles had become stuck in a creek drainage toward the top and south of Sawtelle Peak. They attempted numerous hours to get themselves out with no success. One individual hiked up hill to Sawtelle Peak Road and called for help. He started walking, and a Sawtelle worker coming down from radar tower picked him up and brought him to base camp.

Later, the second rider also hiked up hill to Sawtelle Peak Road. He called a party member notifying him he had made it to the road, complaining of being cold. He remained where he was, and a Fremont County Deputy, accompanied
by a search and rescue member, rode to his location and transported him to base camp.

Both individuals were cold, checked out to be ok, and warmed in the unit’s Mobile Command Center.

A reminder to anyone traveling backcountry areas whether skiing, snowmobiling hunting, fishing, camping, boating, ATV riding, trail riding, biking, or hiking:

  • Remember the time of year, exercising all backcountry cautions.
  • Take necessary equipment and survival gear when venturing into the backcountry. If you have a GPS and cell phone, be sure to take them with you, but do not rely on them entirely for a safe rescue if you find yourself in trouble or stranded. Avalanche Transceivers and equipment, knowing what the avalanche conditions are, and knowing skills to save lives are a must for everyone entering backcountry riding or traveling.
  • Plan ahead. Make sure you know the area you are heading into before heading into it.
  • If you find yourself in trouble, stop, take a look around you, and do not go any farther. The farther you go the more complicated and dangerous it is to get yourself to safety, also making rescue efforts more difficult and dangerous. Make mental notes in relation to any physical features or landmarks that would assist in your rescue.
  • Make a plan, stick to your plan, narrow the riding area, and most of all, let someone know WHERE you are planning to go and WHEN you are to return.

To check avalanche conditions, here are some sites to look at:



Fremont County Search & Rescue is a nonprofit organization relying heavily on donations from people and businesses that appreciate and desire to support our efforts. All donations are tax deductible. FCSAR consists of 100 percent non-paid volunteers.