‘It’s Grand Central Station right now’: Logan police take 14 into custody after SWAT standoff


LOGAN — Logan officers brought 14 people into the police station Thursday morning after a drug deal gone wrong turned into a SWAT standoff, officials said.

Two people from Preston, Idaho, were robbed at gunpoint by four males and a female after meeting with the group for a drug deal at a house near 700 S. 200 West, according to Logan Police Capt. Tyson Budge. KSL.com reports when police arrived at the home about 4 a.m., they spotted two males fleeing the scene and apprehended both after a short pursuit.

A SWAT team eventually found the others involved in the robbery hiding in a house near 600 N. 500 West and surrounded the home about 9 a.m., Budge said. SWAT was able to negotiate with several in the house, and two males, two females and five children eventually exited the home.

While the team was waiting for a warrant to search the house, another male tried to climb out a window, and officers took him into custody. They then returned to the home where the groups had met for the drug deal and took two more women in the house into custody.

“We’re pretty sure we have everybody that was involved. Now we just don’t know who did what,” Budge said. “It’s kind of hard in the drug world to get anyone to admit to what their portion of this thing was.”

Officers are questioning those who were taken into custody but are preparing to soon release several, Budge said.

“We have like five little kids here (at the station), three or four moms, we have DCFS. It’s Grand Central Station right now.”

Though the standoff has ended, police are still requesting that people stay out of the area.

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