At least 50 semi-trucks were stranded in Malad during I-15 closure


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Videos courtesy Nancy Velloff Elizondo

UPDATE: I-15 in Malad is now open in both directions.


Story updated with video and increased amount of trucks.

MALAD — For the second time in 20 years, Malad City’s KJ’s Kwik Stop has a large group of semi-trucks due to road closures.

As of late Wednesday afternoon, that number was around 15. Now, one viewer sent in video of trucks at the station and lined up on Interstate 15, which is closed northbound at Malad Summit. She says the number of trucks at KJ’s is up to 50.

KJ’s Kwik Stop has been around for more than two decades. Truckers from all over gather there to fill their tanks and rest.

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This is the second time in 20 years so many trucks have been lined up at the Kwik Stop. Truckers pass the time by eating at the convenience store or playing the lottery.

“This storm is a doozy,” said one of the managers. “I can’t believe the amount of trucks stranded.”

Often when closures like this happen through the night, drivers will sleep in their trucks or a local hotel, the manager said.

It is unknown when the interstate will fully open.