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Masked man was looking for drugs during home invasion, court documents say

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Eddie Walker | Bonneville County Jail

IDAHO FALLS — An armed Idaho Falls man accused of breaking into a home Sunday was looking for drugs, according to court documents obtained by

The masked gunman told investigators he broke into the home because he knew there were drugs inside. Following the incident, detectives did confiscate 34 grams, a little more than an ounce, of marijuana, pipes and bongs in the house, but chose not to charge the residents, the court documents state.

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Police reports show around 1:30 a.m., Idaho Falls Police officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Neptune Drive for reports that an armed masked man forced his way into a house. Police arrived after the suspect, later identified as Eddie Walker, 28, had run away from the house.

Walker was quickly found and taken into custody.

When Walker was apprehended, he told investigators he had gone over to the house to meet someone who lived in the house. He also told police when he arrived at the house he was jumped by five guys.

After being pressed by investigators, Walker admitted to breaking into the house, according to court documents.

“Eddie said he has been making poor decisions lately and going downhill. He admitted that he went over to (the house) and entered with the intention of stealing drugs and money from the residents. He said he knew they had drugs over there because he has started becoming involved with the drug world,” investigators wrote in the statement of probable cause.

Walker admitted to authorities that he entered the home carrying a 12-gauge-shotgun and wearing a mask and gloves but said he didn’t plan on shooting anyone. He said he intended to use the shotgun as a club if needed, and that it was loaded with the safety on.

Security camera footage taken from inside the victim’s home showed a man entering wearing a black hoodie and carrying a black bag along with the firearm. The victim, Caspian “Cash” Shamel, told the footage was caught on a motion-activated security camera.

The video shows Shamel wrestle the man to the ground.

“I instantly reacted. A physical interaction ensued,” Shamel told “I refused to let go of the firearm, and he dragged me down my stairs. At the steps to my porch, he slipped on ice. I gained the upper hand, and immediately landed a numerous number of blows with my heel and knee. (I) disarmed him and tossed his weapon inside.”

In the video, Shamel’s fiancee can be seen on the couch. After the suspect drags Shamel down the stairs, she gets up and runs down a hall into a room. According to documents, she called 911 while hiding in the room.

Investigators said in the statement of probable cause that while they spoke to Shamel and his fiancee, Shamel kept wringing his hands, holding his head and saying he couldn’t believe what had happened. He vomited multiple times due to stress, investigators wrote in their report. Shamel’s fiancee was hyperventilating and had to lie down so she didn’t pass out.

After Shamel confronted the intruder and was dragged outside, there is a break in the video. It begins recording again and Shamel can be seen at the top of the stairs with a pistol and an AR-15, according to investigators.

This part of the footage, which was not provided to, shows the suspect yelling that he is calling the police, court documents state, and Shamel yells back that he is going to call the police.

Shamel then points the pistol at the suspect and threatens him.

“You tell whoever sent you that you’re going to die,” Shamel reportedly yelled at the suspect.

According to documents, Walker ran from the home but came back demanding the shotgun. Shamel said he told Walker he was going to shoot him if he didn’t leave.

Walker allegedly fled again just before investigators arrived.

While investigators searched around the home, they found a man, later identified as Walker, who appeared to be passed out inside of a pick-up truck. Walker had multiple wounds on his face and head, including a split scalp. Investigators called for an ambulance to transport him to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

Police also arrested another man at the home. Jon Dale, 23, was not part of the burglary attempt, but was wanted on an outstanding warrant.

Walker is facing charges of felony aggravated battery, aggravated assault, burglary, and misdemeanor resisting arrest. He has a previous petty theft conviction in Bonneville County from 2013.

Walker’s preliminary hearing in district court is scheduled for March 5.